Pennsylvania Real Estate

Johnstown, Pennsylvania Real Estate Lawyer
Whether you’re buying a house, selling property, or interested in protecting the real estate that you already own, Johnstown real estate lawyer Kurt R. Nilson can help you work through the process. Attorney Nilson has worked as in-house counsel to a real estate company, was a licensed Pennsylvania title insurance agent for more than five years, and devotes much of his private practice to matters involving real estate law.

Throughout his practice, Kurt Nilson has personally performed and reviewed thousands of title abstracts throughout southwestern and southcentral Pennsylvania, including Cambria, Somerset, Bedford, Westmoreland, Indiana, Blair, Allegheny, and Centre Counties.

Attorney Nilson has the practice experience and skills to assist you with your real estate needs in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Read about neighbors who owned each other’s homes for more than forty years


Property transfers, sales, purchases, and leases
Some of the more common Pennsylvania real estate transfer and ownership matters that Attorney Nilson works with include the following areas.

  • Residential and commercial real estate closings and purchase settlements
  • Installment sales or “rent to own” agreements
  • Seller financing and private mortgages
  • Family property transfers
  • Title searches and title abstracts
  • Coal, mineral, and oil and gas title searches and abstracts
  • Coal, timber, and oil and gas lease review and negotiation
  • Residential and commercial real estate sales
  • Residential and commercial leasing
  • Landlord – tenant disputes
  • Issuing Pennsylvania title insurance policies
  • Issuing title certificates
  • Easements, rights-of-way, and licenses


Enforcement of property rights
Attorney Nilson also works with the following matters relating to the establishment or protection of real estate ownership.

  • Boundary line disputes
  • Breach of construction agreements
  • Failure to disclosure defective conditions, such as water damage
  • Real estate tax sale purchases and contests
  • Adverse possession claims and defenses
  • Quiet title actions
  • Partition actions
  • Evictions and ejectment actions
  • Enforcement of real estate sales agreements
  • Curing title defects and clearing title
  • Asserting disputed real estate ownership
  • Foreclosure actions


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