Pennsylvania Real Estate Closings | Attorney Kurt R. Nilson

Property Settlements and Loan Closings
Throughout his practice Kurt Nilson has personally completed thousands of property settlements and loan closings. During this time Attorney Nilson has also performed and reviewed thousands of title abstracts throughout southwestern and southcentral Pennsylvania, often traveling to area courthouses to conduct the title searches in person.

Our homes are the most important financial and personal investment most of us will make. When you close your purchase with Kurt Nilson your transaction is handled by an attorney, giving you access to legal guidance while completing your purchase.


Does An Attorney Closing Cost More
Attorney Nilson doesn’t charge any hourly legal fees for real estate closings and it does not cost more to close with his law office than it costs for the same transaction with a non-attorney title company, settlement company, or closing company.

Attorney Nilson’s title fees are based upon the same state-established title insurance rates used by every settlement company and closing company. Title insurance rates are set by the state and cannot vary between offices.

When you close a real estate purchase with Kurt Nilson, you can close with an attorney without any additional costs or fees.


Benefits Closing With Attorney Nilson
Although Attorney Nilson has the same title insurance fees, closing with his law office does provide additional benefits that many title companies, closing companies, and settlement companies can’t provide, including:

  • Every title search is personally completed or reviewed by an attorney
  • No additional fees are charged for closing with an attorney
  • No additional fees are charged for an attorney title search or review
  • You can review and discuss each closing document with an attorney
  • Speak directly with an attorney about legal matters concerning your purchase

Attorney Nilson also never pays or receives a referral fee in exchange for your closing business, relying solely upon quality of work and reputation for referral based business.


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